Hello there...do you like being outdoors? Well, as growing up in the Cajun Country area of South Louisiana, I absolutely hated being indoors. Never wanting to wear shoes or anything remotely presentable, I roamed around constantly like some little boys did...collecting snakes, swimming in dark murky bayous, hunting and fishing every species native to the South, poking alligators, tipping cows and sneaking out of our house to explore what nature had in store for curious little adventurers. Maybe you can relate?

Fast forward to the present...I still hate being indoors and I gradually found my way to Northwest Washington because there are mountains and steaming volcanoes here...and glaciers and wilderness areas full of wildlife, ice cold creeks and thunderous waterfalls, violent weather that scares the weatherman, and the ocean..who doesn't love the ocean? Why did it take me so long to find all this? That is my fault, but now as a older, seasoned traveler and adventurer I realized that most people are not like me at all. And that fact is sad...everything I love is out there waiting...for me...AND you! Nature is amazing and you can listen to me tell stories till the cows come home and it might not make a difference. But, if I show you, well...that might be different. Hopefully my images would inspire a few of you to get out there and experience our natural wonders for yourself...and your kids.

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