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Whats going on you say?  What I'm working on or thinking about doing creativity wise? How about recent observations of life around the untamed Pacific Northwest? Please don't quote me on any of this....

The geese have arrived!

December 13, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I know...what the hell is he doing now? Well, during a break of constant windy rainstorms and too many triple espressos, I went out to Fir Island Wildlife Preserve, a coastal fertile flatland where migrating waterfowl are known to rest and feed. Usually you can see the flocks of various birds in the fields near our highways, but they are always far from any access. So, I get there to Fir Island and "Holy crap...they are right there! Right off the edge of the road".  wildlife, snow geese, migration,Lift OffA flock of snow geese lift off at a wildlife preserve in Skagit County, Washington.              I parked my little Jeep off the road with cars zipping by and start to notice the geese getting closer to the road by the second..."Oh no.."the whole flock was gonna try and cross the road...with cars and big trucks just roaring by... I had to do something quick! I stood up as tall as my short legs could allow and like Moses, I spread out my arms like a scene out of the Bible....I must have looked like an idiot (but you can get away with that here) and the whole flock instantly took off. The sound was when the Seahawks make a touchdown loud. Now the cars stopped. They had was awesome...I saw 4 iphones immediately (their cameras take good pictures too...) so it was a big deal! The flock flew around like a swarm of bumblebees for a few minutes while I was soaking it all in.

Washington, migration, nature, Pacific Northwest, snow geese, birds,MigrationA huge flock of migrating snow geese fill the sky at Fir Island with Mt Baker looming in the background. Skagit County, Washington.               With a smile on my face for possibly saving thousands of snow geese in a single bound, I wait for the warm hues of sunset before running back for another espresso...

wildlife, snow geese, migration, sunset, nature, landscape, Washington, Pacific Northwest,Rest AreaMigrating snow geese arrive to feed at Fir Island, Washington.           

I hope your Holidays are filled with wonder! Check out my Portfolio page for numerous galleries of natures wonders! Till next time...get outside!


My tan is fading fast...

October 26, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

...really fast. My craving for backyard bar-b-que while feeling the sun burn into my bare back will have to wait for a while. Time to look for my thermal long johns and hand warmers. We have been hit with storm after storm up here in the Pacific Northwest and the fall colors are being blown somewhere into Idaho. They can have it....I have enough to do on my end. 

Well, its mushroom time once again! All the recent rain has fungus popping up everywhere...look at where I found a colony of mushies...  DependenceDependenceA mushroom colony grows on a fallen log across Swish Creek, Mt Baker Wilderness Area, Washington.        

Pretty cool, huh? We were up hiking around Mt Baker Ski Area last weekend enjoying a break in the weather. On a trail toward Swift Basin, we came up upon a field of wild blueberry bushes that were full of ripe plump berries. Couldn't eat 'em all...not even close. But I found this poisonous Aminita. Looks good enough to eat, right? No....this would be your "Last Supper".

AminitaAminitaA deadly but beautiful Aminita on a mountainside trail near Mount Shuksan, Washington.

Further up the mountain with the smell of ozone in the air, we came upon this vista with the sun breaking through threatening clouds. I wish you could take a deep breath of this......

Clouds and SunClouds and SunAutumn mountain weather threatens the rugged landscape near Mt Shuksan, Washington.

Shortly after capturing the last image, all hell broke loose and we left the area recharged and ready for reality once again. At least for a while, lol.

Remember to check out the galleries in my portfolio for lots more images. You may see something you'd like to hang in your garage..or your man cave. Prints, framed prints, gallery-wrapped canvas and more are available here on the site. Just sayin'!

Till next time....


Whoa, summer sure made a quick exit...

October 05, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

...up here in the Pacific Northwest. Mother Nature flipped the switch on summer to the exact the first day of autumn greeted us with wind, rain, grey skies and a very distinct chill in the air. Even the shaggy mane mushrooms popped up overnight as a reminder that frosty days will arrive soon. 

So, as much as I detest being abandoned by those warm radiant days of summer, there are some elements of the changing seasons that I do fall colors!! And running through piles of colorful leaves like a hyperactive kid on Skittles! And the smell of sweet wood smoke wafting every evening while watching the snow level drop almost daily. You cannot ignore it or hide from it...autumn has arrived!

One autumn event that has turned into a annual event for me is visiting the local family farms in the Skagit River Valley here in Washington State. The smell...and taste of fresh baked apple and pumpkin pies, the tang of exotic local cheese and the tart sting of apple cider made right in front of me more than justify my reasons for visiting here every year. Also, we harvest our pumpkins from these farms ourselves, choosing spectacular colorful varieties for our jack-o-lanterns that I painstakingly carve every year.  Autumn BountyAutumn BountyA colorful autumn harvest at a pumpkin farm in rural Skagit County, Washington.

Most places I go, people very frequently chat me up...I must look friendly..or fun..or hopefully both. And since I'm somewhat gifted with wit and wisdom, I love to talk...especially with old, I mean really old people. I can open 'em up like a can of Pringles in no time, and soon, I know more about them than some of their own family. 

I like old relics too...check out my "Americana" gallery of my portfolio and see what I mean. So I spotted this old Ford tractor AND two old dusty was actually chewing on a long blade of grass, and I could not resist. Within minutes we were yucking it up, slappin' our knees in laughter and talkin' shop. One farmer remembers when this old tractor was brand new and shiny. The other ole boy called it Old Yeller'! Man, this was easy.....

Old Yeller'Old Yeller'I heard these old farmers at a pumpkin farm in Skagit Valley, Washington refer to this old Ford tractor as Old Yeller'.

Wish you could smell the fresh baked pumpkin pie!

So, plans are being made to travel South to the Wenatchee River area of Leavenworth, Washington for some real fall color I cannot wait! In the about checking out some of my galleries here on the site. You just might see something you would like on your wall. You know, Christmas is coming.....time to drop some hints.....


Since I spend most of my time on Orcas Island, Washington...cause I have a real job there...I thought you would like to see what I see from time to time...maybe you'd like to visit here in the future...although locals here love their privacy and remoteness. This is Eastsound Beach with some fallen leaves...cause it is autumn you know. Eastsound AutumnEastsound AutumnFallen leaves are a testament that autumn has arrived. Eastsound Beach, Orcas Island, Washington.

Till next time....get outside!




Published by Outdoor Photographer Magazine!

September 17, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Mt Hood SunsetMt Hood SunsetWinner-Outdoor Photographer Magazine Twilight Assignment August 2014 Lenticular clouds and late evening alpinglow reflect over Trillium Lake and Mt Hood, Oregon. Read here to see how this image was captured.....“On a photo road trip in July 2014 down to the Mount Hood, Oregon region to explore the areas’ lakes, trails, waterfalls and Mt Hood itself, my wife and I spent our anniversary evening among about twenty other photographers gathered at the shoreline of the lake. It was a very breezy and chilly evening and it didn’t seem like anything special would unfold. We watched photographers pack up and leave until we realized we were all alone at the lake. Then the magic began to happen as lenticular clouds appeared out of nowhere, reflecting the alpenglow. Patience was the key factor in capturing this image,” says Fridley.
Equipment: Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G3, Lumix G Vario 14-24mm f/3.5-5.6 ASPH, Hoya Circular Polarizer and UV filter, Hoya PRO1D ND8, Benro Travel Angel II Tripod.
Just when things seemed just so-so, I get a email informing me that I won the "Twilight" Assignment with my image "Mt Hood Sunset" that will soon be published online and in the print magazine. Wow...this has been a life long dream of mine since I've subscribed to Outdoor Photographer magazine since the mid 1980's and I credit those great photographers for their unselfish inspiration throughout the years. See the story on this winning image here

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